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A helpful quotation channeled from …

The ALL/The Angels of The Light.

 “Take a moment to see the need for this experience now in your life. Does it come to you as an aide for adjustment in your life?  

 or… A look at yourself to gain a mirror-vision? All experiences are of assistance to you when a moment of reflection is taken …. your Angels of The Light.”

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The Angels LOVE To Hear YOU LAUGH!

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Welcome to Gloria's Website!

This site and what it has to offer is for anyone wanting an empowering and open connection with the personal spiritual angelic energy surrounding them. 

The Angels of The Light offer this message to YOU!

"INTENTION with VISION is the Power to achieve our chosen PASSION of either PEACE, JOY, or TRUST!"

All this and more is included in my new book - A Mirroring Discovery with Angel Visitation! .. just released.

The Angel Messenger's Channeled Communications Reveal

  • A colourful portrait that seems magically alive and uniquely individual! (11"x 14" suitable for framing)
  • The Angel's Name or names are revealed to assist in the personal communication!
  • Illuminating and guiding messages to the recipient are noticed throughout the visual angel portrait and within the automatic writings!
  • Touching emotional uplifting experience that rings true for the recipient and offers a personal direction of infinite heavenly guiding wisdom!       



These remarkable Angelic/Heavenly portraits and guiding messages transcend the location of the recipient. No visual nor voice communication is required.  Gloria Messenger uses this ‘gift of communication’ to connect with The ALL/ The ANGELS of The LIGHT for you with only the name and birth date information needed.

WHAT ONE CAN EXPECT  to find in the Openly Reflective Guardian Angel LIVING Portraits!

ANGELIC Portraits with awesome Personal Guiding Messages proven to be accurate & true.

  • Empowering SOUL GLIMPSE offers Life MISSION  Reminders.
  • ANGELIC VISITATIONS with guided CD Meditations

      These empowering portraits are displayed  in private collections around this world!

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